Mile High Apocalypse

Winner of "Best integration of the Mapquest API" and "Best Game" at the 2016 Denver Broncos Hackathon

Created by myself, Ian Mcgonigle, Ignacio Aguerrevere, Colin Binion, Philip Cunnell and Navid Fallahazad

JavaScript - Mapquest API - Leaflet

Stock Analyzer

Web app for returning info, a chart, and a news feed for a publically traded company

JavaScript - Yahoo Finance API - Google Charts


An online farmers market connecting consumers directly with their local farms.

AngularJS - Meteor - Ionic - Moment.js

Unable to host for free. Check out my github for the code!


Web application for keeping Galvanize graduates connected and collaborating on projects.

JavaScript - Express - Passport - Knex - Handlebars

Coming Soon!